June 25, 2023

How We Design A Timeless Nursery at B&B

Ok, so I don't have any babes just yet, but I am SO excited for when the time comes, you guys! And naturally, as an interior designer, I'll be over the moon to design the perfect nursery made to grow with my baby. Of course we want it to be gorgeous, but it has to be functional and safe too! This requires careful planning and attention to detail, beyond just selecting paint colors, patterns, and textures. So let's dive right in and chat about my approach to the perfect nursery! 

  1. What Is Your Style?: Selecting a style will help you create a cohesive and visually appealing nursery. The goal is to keep it fun and playful, while also making it flow with the rest of your home. I like to avoid themes when possible. This allows pieces to easily be changed out and for the space to evolve alongside your child. After all, you and your child will be in and out of any one phase or theme after so long and onto the next. Keep your space flexible, but cohesive within a general overall look. You'll be surprised at how you can perfectly balance playfulness and sophistication in your babe's nursery, making it a perfect match for both you and your little one.
  1. Select a Calming Color Palette: Colors play a significant role in creating a calming and welcoming environment for your baby. I like to use neutrals or soft, muted tones & pastel shades within my spaces. Those muted colors are SO "in" right now! I avoid using overly bright or stimulating colors in general, but especially within a nursery. You and baby will undergo enough changes together as is, and any support in making these transitions can be supported through a calming space. 
  2. Find Functional Furniture: Invest in essential furniture pieces that are not only visually pleasing but also functional and made to last. You'll want to include a crib, changing table/dresser, a rocking chair or glider, and any necessary storage solutions. You want to make sure the furniture meets safety standards and is designed with rounded edges and non-toxic finishes. At B&B, we've taken the time to find these pieces for you. You can shop our nursery collections here
  3. Prioritize Safety: Safety is always number one when designing your nursery!! It can be beautiful, but if it isn't safe, what's the point?! Some ways to ensure safety are by purchasing & installing outlet covers, securing any furniture that might tip to the wall (dressers, floor mirrors, etc.), limiting free cords, and avoiding placement of small decorative items or toys that could pose a choking hazard within reach of your child.
  4. Create Adequate Storage Space: Babies come with SO much stuff!! So you have to have that storage. I love to use bins and baskets to hide the not-so-cute stuff and labeled containers to organize everyday baby essentials, such as diapers, wipes, and toys. You also want to make sure you have adequate storage for baby clothes. (Everyone you know will be gifting some once they hear you're pregnant!!) It also won't all likely be newborn sizing, which is actually super helpful, but you'll want a system for storing different sized clothing away until it's time to break it out! 
  5. Choose Lighting: Controlling the right amount of proper lighting is crucial in your baby's nursery. You'll want to use both natural and artificial lighting options. In terms of keeping the light out, you can use blackout curtains or blinds for nap time. It is also a good idea to install and utilize a dimmer switch or incorporate softer lighting through floor lamps, table lamps, or sconces. This will create a soothing ambiance for nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and parent/baby bonding time. You and baby should both feel relaxed in this space, no matter the task, and lighting plays a huge role in this! 
  6. Add Personal Touches: Make the nursery feel special and unique to your family by adding personal touches. This can be done by adding ultrasound prints, family photos, or sentimental items, such as hair bows or passed-down heirlooms & toys. These personalized elements will make the space feel warm and inviting and exactly what it is- Yours! 
  7. Incorporate Comfortable Textiles: I love, love, love selecting textiles for a space! It really might be my favorite thing to pick out. For baby's room especially, you want to create and embrace a soft and nurturing environment. You'll definitely want to start with curtains for nap time. These don't have to be plain- They can be full of muted colors and patterns. As long as the general overall feel is still calming! You'll likely want a throw pillow and/or blanket for the glider. Mom and dad need to be comfy too! Of course, I always use a rug, whether there is carpet or not (I prefer a low-pile carpet if possible). A rug helps to ground the space so that the furniture pieces don't feel like they're "floating." It also adds a little visual interest to an otherwise "empty" center of the room. It's probably preferred to opt for hypoallergenic and easily-washable materials. You never know what kind of mess will need to be cleaned, but with the right pieces, it's no big deal! 
  8. Pay Attention to Sound: You might not realize the importance of this part until your baby won't sleep, so I'm telling you now! Any materials that will absorb sound is a win, such as rugs, drapes, or foam panels!  Check out some beautiful rug options hereThis will help create a peaceful, safe space and prevent outside noises & disturbances from disrupting your baby's sleep. This can be especially helpful if you have pets or other children. I know that a lot of parents will also utilize a fan or sound machine to encourage sound sleep; However, just keep in mind that if you go this route, your child may need these sound additions for quite some time in order to be able to sleep. I would know! I'm a fan sleeper for life. 
  9. Plan for Growth: Design your nursery with your child's future in mind. Cut the themes and Choose furniture pieces and décor items that can adapt alongside your baby. Convertible cribs, adjustable shelving, and versatile storage solutions will allow the room to evolve with your child's changing needs. Our kid & nursery furniture line at B&B is made to adapt, in all different colors & styles. Check them out here!

As you've learned, the perfect nursery is made through a balance of aesthetic, functionality, and safety. By following the above tips, you can create a beautifully nurturing space that will support your baby's growth and development while still reflecting your personal style and taste. You certainly don't have to choose between the two! Enjoy the process of designing your dream nursery, and cherish the special moments spent in this space with your little one because they will go by faster than you think.

Talk soon!

Hanna Ruddock

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