March 21, 2022

What should you put on your wedding registry?

Did you know Wyoming, Colorado, and Washington have the highest marriage rates? No matter where you and your fiance are from, we want your wedding registry search to start and end here.

It can be easy to load your registry with a whole host of items you may not ever need or use. To avoid the headache of a hundred returns, use this guide to know what to put on your wedding registry. 


Appliances to Include

Sometimes couples get a little click-crazy adding appliances to their list. These can be costlier items that they want to avoid buying for themselves. But as they peruse a retailer's site, they may add things they don't really need. 

If you and your future spouse never bake, don't add an electric mixer, egg beater, or muffin tins to your registry. Even if you think you might start baking after the wedding, wait until it's a regular part of your rhythms. 

Similarly, items like cake stands, cooling racks, and rolling pins don't need to be on there. What you can think about are things like coffee makers or teapots. If your new home doesn't have a microwave, it's okay to include that on your registry as well. 

What you shouldn't include are large appliances like washers and dryers or dishwashers. But food processors, crock pots, and toasters are a go. 


For the Bedroom

As with appliances, avoid big items for the bedroom. No large dressers or new mattresses, please. What's more acceptable are sets of pillowcases and sheets. Even a mattress pad is okay to include. 

Think about what you need as a couple. At least four to six pillowcases are recommended and two or three sets of sheets. Try to include a few pieces of art or decor for your room, too. 

A throw rug on either side of the bed will keep your feet warm on colder days. Or, add matching slippers or bathrobes if that's your style. Even items like wall mirrors are good to include.

Around the House Items

Don't forget to register for items you'll need around the house. Large furniture pieces like couches or dining tables aren't recommended. But anything that your guests can package or ship is.

Are you both selling your worn-out vacuums to get a newer, nicer one? Add that to your registry. You can also add cleaning caddies, mops, brooms, and other supplies as well.

Clothing steamers are a great option too; or, register for an iron and ironing board. If you've got pets, you can also add beds, grooming materials, and cat trees to the list. Finally, To make your house a home, register for floor and table lamps or small coffee or side tables.


Items for the Garage or Patio

If you're getting married, chances are you're moving into a bigger place. Put items for your new garage or patio on your list, too.

Think about wedding registry ideas like patio furniture sets or a barbecue. Consider a tool board for organizing hammers, drills, and saws. If you're both into camping, add a tent or sleeping bags.

It's also important to consider where you'll be moving. If you're headed north, include items like snow shovels or snowshoes. If you're headed south, maybe a set of beach chairs or lawn umbrellas.


New Decor

It's helpful to get to your new home with a stack of towels and a set of cookware. But the best wedding registry will include items that aren't only functional.

When you're thinking about what to put on your wedding registry, don't forget about the decor! You and your future spouse need to create a home that combines the best of your unique styles. So, include art pieces, lamps, and candles on your registry.

If there's a particular throw blanket you'd like but wouldn't buy for yourself, include that too. Your wedding registry checklist is the place to add your wants, not only your needs.

Bathroom Essentials

Consider the bathroom, too. Register for hand and body towels that are higher-quality than the ones you currently use. Put a few sets of towels on there in all white or a variety of colors that match your bathroom.

If you have a second bathroom, consider what you'll need for guests, too. Make sure the room is outfitted with soap holders and dispensers, toothbrush caddies, bath mats, and shower curtains.

Other bathroom items you may not think of are hampers and waste bins. Or, to keep things tidy, add organizers to separate toiletries and cleaning supplies under the sink.


What NOT to Include

Not everything belongs on your wedding registry. In fact, it's best to keep the list simple and short. Don't overload it with hundreds of items from dozens of retailers.

Instead, include three or four sources at varying price points. Don't be afraid to include higher-end retailers. But remember that not all of your guests may not be able to afford pricier items.

Don't put lingerie or other intimate items on your wedding registry. And try not to include anything that you need to use for the wedding itself.

It's tempting to put traditional items on your list, like fine china, crystal, or serving sets. But you and your spouse-to-be may not entertain or use items like that. Save that spot on your list for something else.


Complete Your Wedding Registry

Your wedding registry checklist should be modest and complete. Include items that you know you and your spouse will use, and register at a few different places. Make sure you maintain a balance between items you'd like and items your spouse is hoping for.

Register at stores with a range of prices so that your guests will have options that suit their budget. But don't be shy about putting that dream vacuum or mattress topper on your list.

If you're ready to hunt for the best items for your wedding registry, click here.

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