June 28, 2022

What Are Some Good Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Brighter?

Whether it's the dark carpets, heavy curtains, or the wrong color scheme, there are a lot of things that can take a toll on the light of your living room. Fortunately, there are light living room ideas to make your space lighter, brighter, and of course, elegant.

The living room is, without a doubt, the focal point of your home. Whether you're looking to gather friends and family, enjoy a conversation, indulge in your favorite TV program, or read a book, your living room should always be an inviting place. Unfortunately, all these can be elusive if your living room is dark, moody, and so last century! But no matter your taste, there are a plethora of great ideas to make your living room brighter and bring cheerful energy to the space.

Let's be honest; brightening a dark living room can pose a challenge if you don't have an idea of what to do. However, you can overcome this challenge with some clever light living room ideas. From choosing the best living room color schemes for your space, putting on additional lights that resonate with existing light levels, focusing on décor to adding some mirrors on the wall, there are lots of simple changes that will brighten a dark living room.

If you've been having problems figuring out how to brighten your living room and need a bit of help, we've put together some awesome tips and tricks that will not only brighten your living room but also make it cozy and turn it into a relaxing haven.


Utilize Various Types of Lights

You've probably realized that having a single overhead light fixture isn't enough to perfectly illuminate your living room. Well, it's time to ditch this overhead light idea and incorporate various types of lights that will combine ambiance, task, and accent lighting in your living room. This is an innovative way of ensuring that your space is brightly lit and can also accommodate various activities that are likely to take place within your living room.

Again, these lights will complement each other and can help you create a comfortable and multipurpose living room.

Use the Curtains Cleverly

Curtains are an important part of every living space. Whether you want to soften or insulate your space, curtains are among the best options. But because you want to brighten your living room, it's essential to go for curtains that will not obscure your precious light-bestowing windows or glass. One of the ideas is to use long curtain rods that can ensure that the hanging drapes or curtains are drawn back from the window frame.

You can as well choose to ditch the thick curtains and go for sheer draping. This is because lightweight curtains can allow more natural light to flow into your space. You can get creative by using various layers of draping to maximize light during the day and create a cozy space at night, especially if privacy is a concern.

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces

One of the age-old ideas of brightening a room is placing mirrors near light sources. You have to make sure that the mirrors are strategically placed in such a way that they amplify the natural lighting.

Besides, using mirrors, you can incorporate reflective surfaces into your living room to help in brightening the room and bringing in a feeling of spaciousness. You can use items such as a polished coffee table, metallic pieces, chrome, and silver to reflect light and enhance your living room's brightness.

Enhance Your Décor

There are lots of décor ideas that you can use to brighten up your living space. You can choose to dazzle the space using quality and high-end crystal chandeliers that can help in reflecting other light sources such as lamps or the sun. You can as well choose to add silver and shimmery gold accessories to your space. This can help in transforming it from a dreary space to a very colorful and energetic living space.

Other ideas include using light wood flooring and bringing in a colorful rug or carpet to show off aesthetics while also injecting your unique personality into the room.

Do Not Go for a Total Whiteout

You've probably been told to consider a total whiteout if you want to brighten your living room. We, however, feel that you shouldn't fall for this trap of just painting your living room white as it can be so monotonous if not done properly. The best thing to do is to explore with various depths of color and see how it comes out.

For example, you can go for a deep hue such as black and accentuate it with brighter colors such as yellow or orange to reflect the light into the room. In short, pay attention to the paint color schemes of your living room.

Streamline Your Furniture

Sometimes placing those bulky sofas in your living room can work to your disadvantage. You can instead consider going for lighter furniture pieces that will help you smooth out the room and make the entire room appear minimalist. In other words, you can consider ditching heavy furniture while incorporating modern minimalism with Scandinavian-chic pieces.

Ensure that You Light Up Any Dark Corners

Having dark corners within your living room can make the space appear dull and boring. To avoid this, you should make sure that you light up these dark corners. You can use various ideas such as putting small downlighters in the dark corners, strategically using chandeliers, and using lamps to illuminate these corners.

You have to ensure that they're placed in such a way that can enhance decadence and drama in spaces that would otherwise be considered dark corners.

Incorporate Bright Art

There are instances when dark rooms can be cozy. So what can you do if you want to illuminate your dark room without eradicating the cozy feel? The answer is simple. Incorporate bright art! Believe it or not, a vibrant artwork will not only bring its brightening properties to your dark living room but will also elevate the mood and look of your space.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

This seems quite obvious and is done in most homes, but it will have a major effect on how much natural light streams into your living room. This is a simple yet effective idea that won't require you to spend money on hiring a lighting designer.

You can do this by making the vibrant artwork the focal point of your living room while also adding a few spotlights or picture lights here and there.

Bring in Plants and Feel the Greenery

Adding natural plants to your living room plays a critical role in purifying the air. But did you know that plants can also make a room appear brighter? Well, plants such as aloe vera, dracaena, rubber fig, peace lily, and sansevieria can make a room feel naturally sunny and illuminated.

Choose Bright Wall Coverings

Whether you're so much into modern wallpapers or prefer the more traditional paint colors, the color tones that you choose for your wall and ceiling can influence the level of brightness in your living room. Lighter hues such as blue and orange will make your space brighter while deep shades such as black will obviously make your space darker.

To this end, it's easy to note that brightening a dark and gloomy space is a real challenge if you do not know what to do. This problem can be even more challenging if your home does not have large windows that allow natural sunlight. Fortunately for you, Birch and Bind offer several easy ways to light up your living room and turn it into a brighter and cozy abode.

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