October 07, 2022

Birch & Bind Wedding Registry Favorites

Are you planning your wedding registry? Take a look at some of the most-loved and popular gift options people are choosing. It can give you ideas on what to place on your list as you set it up. We’ve gathered the gifts we cherish the most for you to choose from. Start your registry with us today!
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Towels and Linens
Getting a set of bathroom towels or linens for the beds in your home can be an idea to add to your list. These are things we often use but tend to overlook. Add some sheets and bedding to your registry, and don’t forget to place the specific brands you’d enjoy.

Cooking and Baking
There are many ideas for cooking and baking gifts, especially if it’s one of the things you love to do at home. Make things easy by having people gift you serveware and flatware sets. You have the freedom to customize the size and type you want. Quality kitchenware is an investment and one you’ll enjoy for many years if you place the right items in your registry. Some other tools you may want include:

Mixing bowls
Coffee mugs
Dinner plate sets
Cutting boards
Charcuterie boards

Be sure to not only include the items you need in your home, but also, the items you want. After all, your wedding gifts should be functional and beautiful! Once you get settled and ready to host, you’ll be thankful that you have more than just the essentials.

Decorative Items

The wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to get high-end decorative and functional items inside the home. Think of storage items, baskets, vases, and the like. You have the option to direct your guests with the type of designs you want. These things complete the home and can help cut down your spending significantly. People often overlook decorative items, but they add so much to a home, and they certainly have a place on your wedding registry.

Birch and Bind offers numerous gift choices to help you create your wedding registry. Find the perfect selection and enjoy the gifts you get for years after the wedding.
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