June 03, 2023

Elevate Your Summer Entertaining with Birch & Bind Favorites

Summer is certainly in full swing here in Michigan, which means it's the perfect time to embrace outdoor gatherings and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. In this blog, we'll talk all about how you can create that summer feeling that will make your guests feel right at home. By bringing a light and airy aesthetic into your home, along with some fresh accents, such as flowers and plants, you can seamlessly extend your hosting abilities indoors as well. In this blog post, we'll explore lots of creative ways to amplify your summer entertaining by incorporating trendy home décor elements that will impress your guests and create a warm and inviting ambiance both indoors and out. 

1. Embrace Fresh & Lively Accents: I like to decorate according to season, and summer always makes me think of luscious blooms and green accents. In general, I like to design with a neutral aesthetic and muted colors, but adding in summer florals often calls for some color! I love putting together an arrangement that's a mix of neutral florals, colored florals, and green stems. Occasionally, I'll also add in some pampas grass. You can also consider utilizing potted plants or trees if you're into more of a 'green-only' vibe. I love using tall green plants or trees in the corner of rooms and space. They add some height, life, and warmth, just where you need it! You'll be surprised at how these additions will dramatically improve your mood and implement a calmness you didn't know you needed within your home. Botanical prints and art pieces are also a great way to bring summer into your home, in addition to flowers and plants. Or, if you aren't too much of a green thumb, these might make for a good replacement instead of flowers and plants.


2. Think Warm Lighting: Lighting has such a drastic effect on the overall vibe of a space. Nothing sets the mood for a summer soirée like the right lighting. I like to go for soft, warm lighting options such as string lights, lanterns, or candles to create a cozy ambiance. Hang string lights on your patio or balcony to transform the space into a dreamy hangout spot for evening gatherings. After all, in Michigan especially, we have to embrace as many warm summer nights as we can! I also like to add in candles of various sizes and shapes all around the home, as well as outside, to add a little extra cozy glow.


3. Set Your Summer Table: Whenever I think of summer entertaining, I imagine a dreamy outdoor table setting with cozy linens & textiles, charcuterie boards and wine, candles, and of course, lots of loved ones around the table- laughing, conversing, and having a good time. A good table setting can instantly elevate any gathering and make your guests want to come back for more! I like to start by picking a table cloth and/or runner. Then I follow up with my placemat, napkin, and napkin ring choices. Always remember to mix your materials and textures! This might mean woven, jute placemats, linen napkins and table cloths, glassware, and some extra added warmth with wood serving bowls and spoons. Add in a centerpiece with florals & candles, and some fresh fruit is a great finishing touch. Your guests will be in awe! 


4. Create Cozy Seating Areas: It's important to have cozy seating areas both indoors and outdoors. I like to incorporate throw pillows, a blanket or two, and some ottomans with my outdoor furniture so that it feels just as cozy and welcoming as my indoor seating areas. 


5. Have Fun with Color and Patterns: Summer is the perfect time to embrace more color within your decorating scheme. If you're like me, you probably prefer to incorporate more muted color tones. I do also love a good pattern, as well as some pattern mixing. (As promised before, I will do a blog soon on how to properly mix patterns). Color and patterns can be added in through pillows, throw blankets, artwork, etc. Some of my favorite summer-inspired patterns include boho, florals, stripes, or geometric designs. There's just something lively, exciting, and bold about these choices that gives you that summertime feel. 


Summer is one of my favorite seasons to make memories with all my people, which is why I love to entertain, especially outdoors. From nature-inspired accents to cozy seating areas and intentional table settings, your friends and family will love your attention to detail and the inviting atmosphere you've worked so hard to create. So now that you've learned all the essentials to summer hosting, let the fun begin! Cheers! 

See you soon!

Hanna Ruddock

Birch & Bind


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