June 28, 2022

Can a side table be a significant element of décor?

An often overlooked piece of furniture, a side table shouldn't be the focal point of your room. However, its importance in your interior décor should never be underestimated as it can complement the overall style while adding an extra touch of luxury and beauty to any space.

Whether you're looking to fulfill a practical demand in your room or make an eye-catching statement, there's no doubt that a side table is important and can play a critical role when adding important elements to your living room. Unfortunately, we often treat side tables as a decorating afterthought; a small and compact piece of furniture that can be squeezed next to a sofa, armchair, or bed! And just like you would your coffee table, it's essential to treat your side table with the respect it deserves not just in creating a balanced space or reflecting your personality but also in ensuring that it's a significant element in your décor.

If you've been wondering whether a side table should be a significant element of décor, the simplest answer is yes it should be. Well, a side table brings forth the essential elements of comfort and beauty, which are both significant whether in the living room or bedroom. This is because a side table serves to make your life more comfortable, extend color or texture, add storage, and create a unique interest in your personal space.

Although the side table won't get all the glory like the coffee table, you shouldn't downplay its importance in your space or treat it as a decorating afterthought. That being said, read on to find out more about how to choose and use a side table to enhance the comfort and beauty of your room.

What is a Side Table?

As its name suggests, a side table is a piece of furniture that you can use as an extension to your sofa, armchair, couch, or bed. Besides being a great place to add color or texture to a room, a side table can help in ensuring that essential items such as a book, your drink, the remote, or your car keys are within reach.

Some of the most appealing features of a side table include being flexible and compact to occupy less floor space. Side tables are generally made from very durable materials and should be perfect for any space within your house.

How to Choose a Side Table that's Perfect for Your Space

Here are a few things that you should always remember when choosing a side table.

  • Start with the Function

One of the main questions that you should be asking yourself when choosing a side table is what is its purpose and how is it going to be beneficial to my space? Do you want to use it to add color to your space or are you planning to style a table lamp on it?

It will be a lot easier for you to decide how to use the side table once you've identified its purpose.

  • Its Size

The technicalities that revolve around choosing a side table are vital. It's important to make sure that the side table will work for you. This means that you should select a side table with the right dimensions, style, and of the right size.

In other words, you should make sure that the side table is of the right height. Make sure that the side table that you choose is neither too short nor too tall. You most certainly do not want to choose a side table that is awkward to use or looks out of place.

  • It has to be Compact

When it comes to choosing the right side table for your space, you should always keep in mind that less is more. A side table is a decorative accent, so it shouldn't cover much floor space. This means that it should be compact, beautiful, and functional.

  • Create Contrast with Your Side Table

As we noted earlier, a side table shouldn't be the focal point of your room. Instead, it should either complement the overall style of your decor or create an alluring contrast. If you love mixing styles, tones, and materials, a side table can be a great way of doing exactly this. For example, you can consider pairing your modern sofa with a traditional side table to offer that added layer of dimension to your space.

Again, do not be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with various types of side tables, especially if you're looking to create a unique or unexpected element within your space.


How to Use a Side Table

Here are a few creative ways you to use your side table.


Improve Lighting

A side table can be a great way of displaying and enhancing other elements of your design. You can use a side table to accent the lighting of your space. For example, you can use it to display a gorgeous lamp, add a reflective surface, or display a shapely design that brings color and pop to the space.


Turn It Into a Bookshelf

We all know that books not only say a lot about your interests but also add a touch of color to your space. So instead of creating a bookshelf that towers over your bed or sofa, why not use a side table as a minimalist bookshelf. This is practical in the sense that all the books will be within your reach while also complementing the space.

Use the Side Table to Hold a Favorite Treasure

Do you have a favorite treasure that you want to put on display? Look no further than the side table. Whether it is a unique vase or a unique piece of coral, a side table can be the perfect place to showcase this treasure.


Create Balance in Your Space Using Side Tables

You can perfectly use small side tables on either side of a couch, sofa, or bed to showcase matching items. This is a great way of creating symmetry and visual balance within the room while making the space feel or look complete.


Use a Side Table to Create a Little Ambiance

Whether it's a bowl of flowers or a scented candle, you can use a side table to create a little ambiance in your space.

In conclusion, you'd be doing a huge mistake and injustice to your space if you consider a side table as a decorating afterthought. This is because it's an important element of décor. So if you understand the importance of a side table and are looking for a quality and high-end side table for your space, you'll be better off starting at our Birch and Bind collection.

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