May 09, 2022

30 Beautiful Wedding cakes that Inspire you

It's your big day, your wedding day! Congratulations on reaching this milestone and for walking down the aisle. But wait a minute! You most definitely want the best wedding cake for your special day, right? At Birch and Bind, we are always here to help you through this process. That's because were fully understand how challenging and confusing the process of choosing the best wedding cake can be.

We all agree that a gorgeous wedding cake can be the focal point of your wedding reception. And even though choosing a wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, it can be quite challenging if you have no idea what to go for. This is perhaps why you've been scouring the internet looking at some of the most Instagram-worthy photos of wedding cakes that can inspire you. 

You'll probably be enlisting the services of a professional wedding cake maker but you should at least have some wedding cake ideas to draw your inspiration from. That being said, we've got 30 beautiful wedding cake ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, you can go through all of them as you never know what might captivate you.

1. Colored Buttercream Wedding Cake 

Colored wedding cakes are a uniquely emerging wedding trend that you can consider for your big day. The cake is brought to life thanks to the brightly-colored flower palettes. This is probably going to be the first time that your guests will be seeing a wedding cake like this. 

2.  A Bohemian Dream

If you're a Bohemian couple, why not bring your lifestyle to the fore on your wedding day by going for a macrame-inspired wedding cake. It has to be eclectic and vibrant at the same time.

3. Go for the Classic White and GoldThe classic white and gold wedding cake will never go out of fashion as long as marriages and weddings remain part of mankind. If you're in love with these color hues, then this five-tiered cake with gold sugar flowers and flavors of salted caramel, chocolate, and raspberry cream should do the trick.

4. Sequin Wedding Cake

If you want to make a statement with your wedding cake that will be perfect for photos, look no further than this sequin wedding cake. It may be a black buttercream wedding cake but it's brought to life with numerous toppings of edible sequins.

5. A Statement-Making White Cake

More and more people are moving away from pure white wedding cakes. But if you want a white wedding cake, why not make a statement by adding a monochrome design that will speak volumes and capture the attention of your guests.

6. Bringing Orange to Life

Orange is a very bright color and your wedding cake will be much more alluring if you topped it up with illustrations of ripe oranges with unique sprays of roses. It won't get much better than these pops of orange wedding cake, especially if you're saying; "Yes I do" in the summer. 

7. A Bed Roses

In an era when everyone is trying to complicate everything, you can remain with the "simplicity is key" mantra by making a simple two-tiered wedding caking with beautiful roses and green berries tucked here and there.

8. A Spectacular Spectrum

The modern dried floral wedding cake is one of the most popular wedding trends and there's no issue if you love this idea, especially if uniqueness is not your main priority.

9. A Spectacular Spectrum

You don't have to go with a monotone color when you can have all of them. You can create a five-tiered wedding cake with rainbow flowers running through the entire tiers.

10. For the Love of Monograms

If you're a couple that loves monograms, why not go for a four-tiered monogram wedding cake that features your monogram toppled with sugar flowers and gold marbling.

11. Extending an Olive Branch

The idea of having a Mediterranean-style wedding will never go wrong if you go for an Italiano-inspired wedding cake that brings forth the natural splendor of a coastal setting with fresh strawberries and lush olive branches on a crisp white buttercream cake.

12. Peach and Cream

Make no mistake; more and more weddings are held during fall and going for a peach and cream wedding cake will be the focal point of your wedding reception. From the creamy white frosting to dusty-toned eggplants, dusky peaches to lilacs and mauves, you can't go wrong with this one.

13. Shag Carpet Wedding Cake

You can draw inspiration from your shag carpet and make a colorful wedding cake with insane textural colors that any colorful couple will love.

14. A Tropical Wedding Cake

A minimalist white wedding cake with palm leaves topping can be ideal if you are having a tropical wedding.

15. A Contemporary Monochrome Wedding Cake

Your wedding guests will fall in love with a modern monochrome wedding cake that looks so cute and chic thanks to the black roses' decorations.

16. Palm Paradise

If you aren't so much into the fresh palm leaves vibe, you can consider the retro vibe of using dried palm leaves to give your cake an enticing vintage look.

If you aren't so much into the fresh palm leaves vibe, you can consider the retro vibe of using dried palm leaves to give your cake an enticing vintage look.

17. Pressed Flower Wedding Cake

Give your wedding cake a rustic-luxe flower sprinkle using scattered dried rose petals that makes it captivating and so pretty.

18. Stained Glass Wedding Cake

A stained glass wedding cake can be quite stunning if you're more into artistic designs that are either vintage or modern. You can choose to use bright or muted hues.

19. Celestial Wedding Cake

You can pay homage to astrology and stars by going for a celestial-themed wedding cake, which is captivating, to say the least.

20. Hand-painted Wedding Cake

There's nothing wrong with creating a modern wedding cake that reflects the couple and their style. You can personalize it by making it hand-painted while featuring a design that you adore and love.

21. Feminine Florals

If you're looking for a chic wedding cake, you can consider a magnificent piece that includes an astonishing cascade of garden roses.

22. Rustic Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

This is how to take simplicity a notch higher but with a serious edge that shouts rustic while remaining both sumptuous to the eye and mouth.

23. Caramel Dripping Wedding Cake

Another rustic theme is a caramel drip wedding cake that features figs blackberries, and dried apple slices to give it a unique design.

24. Rainbow Flower Wedding Cake

You can make your wedding cake more unique by adding lots of colorful flowers on all the tiers making it merrier.

25. Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake

The chocolate drip wedding cake is a classic that will always stand out, especially with the melted chocolate drips drizzling all over the place.

26. Pink Pearl Wedding Cake

The pink pearl wedding cake has a classic wedding vibe to it. The pearl-encrusted makes it enchanting while elucidating both a classic and contemporary looking.

27. Winter Wedding Cake

If you want a Christmas-themed wedding cake, then this winter wedding cake will be a huge inspiration, particularly with the icy vibe of the toppings. 

28. Blue Ombre Wedding Cake

Combine two of the most popular wedding trends: ombre icing and marble effectto create a very unique blue ombre wedding cake.

29. Asian Wedding Cake

If you've always been in awe of Asian weddings, then you can create an Asian wedding cake that brings forth a variety of bright colors including red, pink, and gold as well as other intricate displays.

30. Yellow Spring Wedding Cake

Sometimes it's good to become bold and choose bold colors such as a yellow spring wedding cake if you want your big moment to stand out.

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